People are full of questions when booking their Wedding music – and rightly so, music is an important part of the day!  We’ve tried to address a lot of questions that we commonly get, below.  If you don’t get the answer you require, please get in touch.

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What is Dance ‘Til Tomorrow? Dance UNTIL Tomorrow is a Jonas Brothers song.  We found this out after registering the name of our business. Dammit. Dance ‘Til Tomorrow though, is a wedding music collective based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, incorporating 2, 4 and 6 piece bands, solo acoustic performers, and DJs.  Our goal is to give you the BEST possible music at your wedding or event.

So what makes you so different? You get a full pro service. Our bands are made up of professional musicians with decades of gigging experience between them. Our DJs are proper professionals who regularly play in respected clubs and pubs in Belfast and all over Northern Ireland - it ISN'T a member of the band who's come armed with a few 'Now' compilations.

Where are you based?  We're based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Travel is no extra cost within Northern Ireland. Weddings beyond this may incur a small surcharge to cover travel costs and accommodation where necessary.

So what type of music do you play?  We simply create a mix of good music that’s geared towards making people dance, while trying to avoid many of the tired old cheesy wedding clichés. This usually incorporates everything from rock and indie/alternative, to soul, dance and pop.

Can you play the grease megamix and group dances like the Macarena or Tragedy by Steps?  While we respect that this is what some people want at their wedding,  I’m afraid we don’t do this. We believe that you should book a band/DJ that best caters for your taste in music. If you really want this type of music, we're probably not the right choice for you.  With every aspect of your wedding you should book the right people to make sure your day is exactly as you imagined it to be.

So no pop music?! We all love pop music. We’re more than happy to play some great pop music while avoiding generic, manufactured rubbish.

Do you offer any extra packages (ie. Stars in your eyes, Games, Karaoke)?  I'm afraid not. We're all about the music; this is what we know and do best. Its not fair on you for us to offer services that we can’t do to the best of our ability.

Who did your UTTERLY SPECTACULAR photos? Nearly all of the pictures used on here were taken by Brideen and Deci from Simple Tapestry Wedding Photography, based in Northern Ireland.  We love working with them, so go ahead and book them for your wedding! Deci, as one of our DJs, can also be booked to take some dancing pics after your main photographer has left.

Can we meet you before the wedding?  Absolutely, we're more than happy to meet up with you to discuss your tastes and needs. If a face to face meeting isn't possible, we're happy to Skype or Facetime. 

Can we see you perform live before the wedding?  Yes, please come along to one of our many pub/club gigs in Belfast or the North coast. We NEVER invite prospective couples to come see us perform at an actual wedding, though - that's just plain wrong... Contact us directly or follow our facebook page to find out  where and when we're playing. 

Do we have a say in what you play? Some couples like to get really hands on with their music selection, others are happy to leave it all to us. Through meeting up and email correspondence we’ll get a good sense of what you’re after and build our playlists from there. Our bands have a fantastic repertoire of songs and our DJs are very flexible... except when it comes to the Macarena.

Four Piece band? Six Piece band? What's the difference? The Moonshines in full six-piece glory includes brass players for a fuller sound. This is especially suitable to larger venues.  The four-piece band are still suitable for big venues, but can also play in smaller venues where space is more limited.

Can the 2-piece band play big venues? The 77s can play any size of venue, but we really wouldn't recommend that you book them for larger weddings.  If you're having an intimate wedding (less than 75 people), in a small restaurant/bar/venue then the 77s are ideal.

Does your DJ take requests from guests on the night?  Requests are absolutely fine but we will make sure to only play the ones that fit in with the mood of the night and your tastes, while politely refusing those that don’t.

Can we get our guests to submit suggestions to the DJ beforehand? You can, but we advise against it. Giving 100 people the chance to submit songs will result in a less cohesive playlist and may affect the flow of the music. It’s also more likely you’ll have to endure songs you don’t like yourselves. If you are keen on doing this, we’d suggest limiting it to your close friends and people more likely to ‘get’ your tastes.

Do you do LGBT+ weddings?  Damn right we do. Love is love. 

Do you only do weddings?  We do all kinds of events and functions as well as weddings - these range from small private parties to large corporate events.

Can you do ceremony Music? Yes, we provide solo performers suitable for both church and civil ceremonies. Rachel is an amazing classical pianist and the 77s are great if you'd like a more modern twist to your ceremony.

Will there be any branding in your setup eg. pop up stands?  NO NO NO!  We hate this!  We carry business cards with us to your wedding and if someone is interested in finding out more we politely tell them to talk to us at the end.  It’s your wedding not a Wedding Fair!

How much do you charge?  Please contact us for quote.

Do you require a deposit to secure my date?  A non-refundable deposit of £300 secures our bands while DJ-only packages require a £50-100 deposit. Unfortunately we cannot hold dates based on inquiries and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’ve asked for a meeting ahead of booking we can hold your date for a short period to give us a chance to meet up.