Wedding Music for Music Lovers

Dance 'Til tomorrow is a one-stop alternative music collective, providing entertainment for weddings and events. We offer several professional band and DJ solutions, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

With Dance 'Til Tomorrow we hope to challenge the stigma around wedding music.

When you go to a club you expect an entertaining and cohesive selection of music that compels you to dance til the party is over. Your wedding or event shouldn’t be any different…. we play music from a wide array of genres and eras to create a party playlist that appeals to the broad range of guests that attend weddings and events.

There’s no gimmicks… no sparkly tuxes… no Grease megamix… no backing tracks... and no poor quality mp3s played out from two ipods…   just great music to keep you on your feet and make you happy.

Check out our FAQ for a little more info about us and how we work.

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Prices and Booking

Booking is easy - a £300 deposit secures all band and band+DJ packages. A £100 deposit secures solo performers and solo DJs. The remaining balance is due before the performance - cheque and bank transfer payments must be made 1 month prior to the wedding/event.

All packages include PA Hire and Lighting hire. Travel is included within Northern Ireland. Distances outside of this may include a small travel surcharge.


Solo DJ (up to 4.5 hours) - £450

DJ after other entertainment  (up to 2.5 hours) - £300

Ceremony music

Solo Performer - £300

Drinks reception

Solo Acoustic Performer - £200

2 piece band (The 77s) - £400

evening reception

2-piece band (The 77s) - £600

4-piece band (The Moonshines)- £1400

6-piece band (The Moonshines + Brass) - £1750

SUPPLIER Recommendations

We’re often at weddings from the start until the end and get to meet and see some great suppliers at work. We love our pals at Simple Tapestry. Not only are they great photographers, they’re really lovely to work with (they're also responsible for all the amazing images on this site).

The Rosehip and Berry Floral studio and Floral Earth have created some of the most awesome floral displays we’ve seen anywhere.

If you’re not having a church wedding, check out Humanists UK for personalised legal ceremonies that could squeeze tears from a stone.

And finally, we shouldn’t admit this, but we’ve pinched the odd doughnut and cupcake at weddings, and can honestly say we’ve tasted nothing better than what French Village produce. Nom, nom, nom…